How Statistics Help Students 

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May 2, 2017
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How Statistics Help Students 

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Statistics is one such discipline that is present in all spheres of our life. Be it the medical studies, research experiments, satellite orbiting the globe, social networking sites like Facebook, or general elections conducted in various countries data play the most significant part in all of this and beyond these. Statistics is the science and arts of learning data. It is the discipline was you need to collect, analyze, and interpret data so that you land on a firm conclusion. Thus, it is of paramount importance for students to learn statistics and its intricacies.

Here are some of the reasons that explain how statistics is helpful for students:

  1. To present facts in definite form

You might often face problems when it comes to express your opinions and arguments in your assignments and presentations in classrooms. You have got the idea but it is vague and you find it hard to formulate them in arguments. Statistical data helps you to substantiate things in a definite form with help of numbers and figures. For example you can incorporate numbers to express your argument. Write “40% of people in India are unemployed ” rather than just stating “there is a lot of unemployment in India”. This will make you ideas and arguments a definite shape and make it more impactful.

  1. Precision to the facts

Statistics help to get a clear and precise comprehension of numbers and figures. Mostly the most crucial and significant information that have the potential to strengthen your arguments come concealed in numbers and figures. You might find it very difficult to communicate to your reader. In that case, you can represent them in graphs and diagrams. They help you simplify the complex data and makes them easy to understand. For example, while you are writing an assignment about the trajectory of profits earned by a certain company, you can easily put those numbers in form of a line graph. This will provide clarity to your assignment.

  1. Comparison

Once you know how to interpret and simplify the data you will be easily able to compare and correlate them. For example, in your assignments where you need to compare the progress of two or three companies in market, then you can easily use graphs and diagrams to give perspective to the numbers. This will help you to convey the information easily.

  1. It enlarges knowledge

“Statistics enables one to enlarge his horizon”, rightly stated Whipple. Statistics helps you get a perspective about numbers and figures and helps you correlate and compare them easily. This simplifies the complexities of various aspects in not just your classroom but also your life. It helps you to widen your perspective, thinking and reasoning power. It helps you to reach to rational conclusions.

  1. To measure uncertainty

No one is certain about their future but statistics helps you to predict and forecast about certain phenomena by constant collection, assimilation, and interpretation of data. The tracking of data helps you to get a precise estimate and decreases the uncertainty about the future. Interpolation, regression and time series analysis are some of the techniques that help in forecasting based on the treads set in the past. This helps to comprehend trends in election campaign and marketing strategies by companies.

The clear understanding of statistics helps you beyond the realm of your classroom. Learn the basics of statistics and you will fall in love with it. It will make your life easy as you will be able to reason out every possibility you face.

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