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How to write an assignment
April 24, 2017
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June 7, 2017
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How to Write an Essay

Essay writing is an integral part of any student’s life. Be it for a class, content or any scholarship many students get a strong repelling feeling when they think of writing an essay. No matter how overwhelming your thoughts are about writing an essay, the process of essay writing is a very simple. You need to follow some easy steps and you won’t even realise when you are done with your essay.

Seven simple steps of writing an essay:

  1. Pick a topic:

Mostly teachers will assign you with a topic but there are times when they ask you to decide a topic of your choice. If the topic is given then there is nothing much to do except writing it but if you are to choose the topic then choose it sensibly. You can select a topic that is interesting and relevant for you.

  1. Outline:

Chalking out a plan is the driving force of your essay. Planning means you need to jot down the main points that are already loitering in your head. Most of the times you come up with many ideas but in reality you cannot assimilate all these together to give them proper shape. Writing them down on a paper will bring clarity to your ideas and helps you to organize them in sequence.

  1. Thesis statement:

A thesis statement is a comprehensive statement that provides a clear idea to your readers about the topic of the essay. Go through your outline and pick the main ideas. The thesis statement has two distinguished parts- one that states the topic and the other that states points of the essay. Make sure that your thesis statement reflects the exact ideas that you are going to deal in your essay.

  1. Write the body:

The body of your essay describes, explains, or argues your topic. Refer to your outline and for every main idea dedicate a separate paragraph. This way you will be able to organise your essay in a structured fashion. Begin every paragraph; with an introductory line that consists your main idea followed by a detailed explanation of the same. Elaborate your points and support them with facts and relevant information.

  1. Write the introduction:

Once you are done with your thesis statement and body where you have already discussed the main points of your essay, you have a clear idea about how to proceed with the introduction. Introduction is a tricky thing to write. It should grab the attention of the reader at once and compels your readers to go through your entire essay. Begin your essay with an attention seizing statement. Start with a quote, startling information, a story, dialogue or simply summarize your essay topic. No matter what you start with, make sure it connects properly with the main idea of your essay.

  1. Write the conclusion:

Conclusion leads you to the closure of the essay. Here you need to sum up your explanation, arguments or description you have elaborated in the body section. Provide your essay a final perspective while you reinforce the thesis statement.

  1. Final finishing touches:

Once you are done with the conclusion you might think that your job is done. Well, your job is only partially completed. Before you keep your pen down, go through your essay once again. Refine your essay. Check if the essay has turned out the way it was planned. Ensure that the transition of thoughts, paragraphs and ideas is smooth. Check for spelling, grammar, and syntax errors. Make sure that the format of the essay is correct.

Once you are sure that your essay is error proof and is the exact replica of that, you are done. Congratulations! You have successfully written your essay that is going to bring you nothing else than A+ grade.


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